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Appointed Times for the Lord's Bride |

His Third Day Reign!

Pdf of this material - download zip

Appointed Times For the Lord’s Bride 2017
“It’s about getting closer to Me!”

When we asked the Lord in a judgement question, 4-01-2017, about putting this writing on His site there was a message in His answers:

The Lord said, Undo / Undo the wrong / see the light / see My light / allow Me, go forward / Violently / Behold, behold My truth / Share it, Share My truth / Differentiate success from failure / Time to take a look at (the picture) / prepare the way, My way

The Lord’s Calendar

From Uncharted Waters, Jan 25, 2000

…I say, 'Come.' I call you to My ways and My calendar of events. The church in the world has its calendar and I have Mine. Some have made their calendar from My Word, yet they err. Even those whom I have gifted have their own calendar but I am the Lord and I have Mine. I reveal My calendar step by step. Those who learn My ways, and find My calendar, shall ride the wings of a bird in flight into victory with Me. I have designed the Way. It is Me, it is Truth, it is Love, it is My pattern, it has My purpose. Know, My calendar stands….

Here we are going to talk about God’s Yearly Calendar, which is simply a part of His big calendar. The Lord said, “The church in the world has its calendar,” which is evidenced even in the Old Testament by Jews adding to what came from God’s mouth.

RS Meeting, 5-16-2015: You are on track / trust / where do the tracks go? / I know / trust / step with Me / you will see / New Moons observe by coming to Me / My Bride is My Bride / I treat Her not as guests / arise

New Moon dates for 2017:

January 28
February 26
March 28
April 26
May 26
June 24
July 23
August 23
September 20
October 20
November 18
December 18

These dates were determined by going to the app on our phones. When it says it is the New Moon, the moon is completely dark. So these dates are the next day following, when one can see just a sliver. Presumably in the days of the Bible when they didn’t have any apps or phones, they would have had to be able to see something to tell when it’s the New Moon. There was no way to see the dark moon. GOD says HE wants us to pay attention to HIS calendar. HE revealed to us that would include honoring the New Moon, Sabbaths and the Feast days. That’s not to say we do these things in the way the Jews do it, but to honor them in how the LORD tells us.

The LORD has told KE that New Moon Meetings are important. Back on 8-6-2016 HE told KE to present himself to HIS New Moons. The more obedient you are to My calendar, the more I can establish you….

When the Lord had us move our Sunday meeting to a Saturday Sabbath meeting, the first morning after the first meeting on Sabbath the Lord gave RS a vision. In the vision many brand new, never traveled, narrow concrete highways had been created going out into the rolling hills from here. God was confirming what He said to KE and that He still creates.

2-26-2017 New Moon Recognition Meeting, RS - “Anchor of MY calendar.”

High Holy Days - A Guide
Sabbath: Friday at sundown to Saturday at sundown. (Shabbat)
Passover: Sundown April 10th to sundown 11th (Pesach)
Unleavened Bread: Sundown April 11th to sundown on April 18th.
Firstfruits: April 16th
Pentecost: June 4th (Shavuot)
Feast of Trumpets: at sundown on September 20th to sundown on the 21st. (Rosh HaShana)
Day of Atonement: at sundown on September 29th to sundown on the 30th. (Yom Kippur)
Feast of Tabernacles/Booths: at sundown on October 4th to sundown on the 12th. (Succot)

Not High Holy Days, but noted to observe through Judgement Meetings.
Feast of Lots: March 11th at sundown to March 13th at sundown. (Purim)
Feast of Dedication: December 12th at sundown to 20th at sundown. (Chanukah)

Getting Off Man’s Calendar will Make Us Closer to HIM.

8/08/2010 MEETING: Grapeland Texas
Ceremonies for royalty; King of Kings; Honor and Respect. Why does the world neglect Me and what I have set forth?  Remember My ceremonies which I and I alone set forth.  Observe these as a demonstration of respect and love. Study your calendar so that My days do not get past you.  These are important times to be obedient.  All the steps you take are important; the small as well as the large. Remember it is My calendar you are to follow, not man’s.  I keep things simple.  This is not so with the traditions of man.  Follow what I set out in My word.  This is your assignment.  Know My calendar.  Do what is necessary to know My calendar and to observe it!  Amen.

During the time, starting on 12-31-2016, when the Lord was revealing that His Bride should not observe Christmas, Easter (and obviously Halloween and others), the Lord said, “It’s about getting closer to Me!”

HE told MM on 4-11-2016, “Master / yes, your Master / think on this facet of who I am”

The Lord revealed benefits of observing these appointed times in His answers to our Judgement Meeting questions concerning several of these observances. He is a creator and can make a way where there is no way. Remember the new highways the Lord created just from our getting more on His calendar by moving from Sunday to Sabbath observances.

These dates were taken from the calendar The Elijah List puts out yearly. (Subject to the
Lord’s corrections to us.)

Pdf of this material - download zip - - The Bride's Gown

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