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The Field song will repeat itself.

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Movies New Heaven & New Earth - Sundial

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Introduction + God does not
consider tithing done until ...
  Jesus gave so much . . . .  
  Liaison to a King  
  Why in Jesus Name?  
  The First Commandment  
  Tithing Costs too Much?  
  The Curse Causeless . . . .  
  Curses - My Farm  
  Fulfilling the Law of Retribution  
  "Back Debt" Evidences
by the Holy Spirit.
  Pitfalls Concerning Tithing  
  Situations - Oh! It'll be Alright.  
  God Spoke to Me Directly About the Law!  
  The Spotless Bride  
  The Field  

For information received after the movies were made read here:

Law of Retribution

Will You Yet Trust me?

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