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Salvation Section of Demonstration of God's Covenant

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and Rightly Dividing the Word Saved
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Ministry Purpose
God - not Critical
Book of Remembrance
God Demonstrates
About this Presentation
How the Holy Spirit Teaches
Things of the Spirit

Covenant - Protection
Covenant Relationship
Mechanics of Covenant

Vision of Salvation
God Took Me to Heaven
Covenant Promise
(Return from Heaven)
Paul Taught - Romans 10
Moment of Confession
(Born Again - John 3&4)
Evidence - Wife
Evidence - Pastor
Evidence - Revival
Spiritual Influence

  Repeat after Me'(s)?
You Must be the Author
Phillip & the Eunuch
Jesus Drew Confessions
Baptism - Communion

  Honor & Dishonor
God's Altar
  God Surprised Me!
Book of Believers
The Straight Gate

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